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Join us as Novy Bereber, a dancer, choreographer and teacher of Sayaw PD shares his program that is particularly beneficial for people with Parkinson’s Disease which has developed a community that loves to learn dance not just for its physical benefits but also on an artistic level.

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About Sayaw PD

The Bereber Sayaw PD is purely art-based; it is a dance class for dancing sake by design and demand with people with Parkinson’s Disease. The focus is on the dance, a new revolutionary kind of therapy that makes participants come back week after week. There are elements of therapy but the artistic component is key to what we do, and it requires the knowledge that dancers have to successfully teach this kind of class. The same consideration is true for physical therapists.

Participants don’t come to a Bereber Sayaw PD class to get therapy; they come to learn to dance and enjoy themselves in an artistic, social, setting. Bereber Sayaw PD emphasizes on creating a community for them. Their families, partners, caregivers are welcome to attend the class.

Dancing for a new life

Helen M. Flores (The Philippine Star ) - September 8, 2019 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — When Novy Bereber bursts into the room, his energy is infectious. Today his long, wavy hair is silver gray with highlights of hot pink.

Former Ballet Philippines choreographer and dancer Bereber has returned to the country not to stage another spectacular performance, but to help Filipinos with Parkinson’s disease (PD) regain confidence and meaning in their lives through dance.