Bereber Sayaw PD hosts free online and studio classes all over the Philippines.  Founder Novy Bereber’s advocacy is to bring awareness to the People with Parkinson’s community and help them bring meaning and joy to their lives through creatively crafted classes made especially for them.

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We need your help to grow and expand the reach of Sayaw PD and bring awareness all over the Philippines and hopefully the whole world and not just in Metro Manila. 

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Bank of the Philippine Islands

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Iloilo Business Park (BR930)

Branch Address
B-Retail 5 BPO Building Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo


  • Certification for Dance for Parkinson’s
  • Creating a training module to teach Sayaw PD classes
  • Conducting workshops to teach future Sayaw PD teachers
  • Allowance and compensation for Sayaw PD teachers

Internet Services

  • Zoom Online Meeting Service ($15USD/month)
  • Epidemic Sounds, Copyright Free Music ($40USD/month)
  • Telecommunication, Internet Access ($15USD/month)
  • Sayaw PD Website Hosting ($20USD/month)
  • Website Design and Development


Sayaw PD uses the Zoom video conference platform to conduct online Sayaw PD classes and allow our participants to see the instructor easily and reliably.

Epedemic Sound

Sayaw PD uses Epidemic Sound copyright free music to conduct dance classes without having to worry about the sound being muted because of copyriht issues.


Sayaw PD uses Streamyard software to do visually pleasing livestream sessions multicasted to Facebook and YouTube at the same time. Also used for Livestream Interviews.


Sayaw PD uses Mailerlite to send our regular newsletters and event reminders to our growing list of students, teachers, assistants and mailing list subscribers.


  • Open space comfortable for Seniors preferably with Airconditioning.
  • Accessible location preferably with parking.
  • Accessible with wheelchair. (Elevators and no stairs)
  • Accessible with few ramps and elevation change.
  • Sturdy, chairs for safety and padding for comfort.
  • Stereo system with auxillary port preferrably with Bluetooth connection.


Some people do not have the ability to travel. We hope to provide basic transportation to bring people together in a community setting.

Being in a community lifts people’s spirits and increase social engagement with other people like themselves.

  • Some people do not have the ability to travel 
  • A van or shuttle that would bring people to and from the Sayaw PD class


We hope to partner with the private sector and sponsor medicine to people who cannot afford the medicine needed for Parkinson’s Disease. 

How can we help you?

We can promote our sponsors through the various Sayaw for PD and Bereber Dance Theatre events all over the Philippines expecially in Iloilo and Metro Manila.

  • Sayaw PD Online and Studio Classes
  • Sayaw PD Community
  • Bereber Dance Theatre Events
  • Streamers and Banners
  • Website Sponsorship Page
  • Souvenir Program
  • Event Voice Over and Sponsor Slideshow
  • Promotional Video
  • Event Highlights Video