Media Kit

The Brand Standards

The Bereber Sayaw PD logo is the principal visual element of the Sayaw PD brand. Since the purpose of the logo is to help identify Sayaw PD, care must be taken in its use. The logo must not be redrawn or modified in any way, including rotating, skewing, or flipping the logo. It must not be decorated, represented in perspective, outline, or negative form, or used for frivolous decorative purposes

The Logos

The Colors

The logo should appear on solid black, gray or white background. The logo should never appears on blue, green, purple, yellow, or any other color or high-contrast pattern, except as noted above.

Black HEX: #000000

Dark Gray HEX: #333333

Gray HEX: #626262

Light Gray HEX: #b6b6b6

The Font

The Kababayang Pilipino brand font is Optima, Roman. This font family should be the only family used for all print materials and for any text set in Web graphics.

Dutch766EU Normal

The Videos