Bonifacio Guerrero Jr.


Bonifacio Guerrero Jr., or “Bonnie,” is a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. Having danced with Ballet Philippines as a company member, he performed in many of its productions as well as local and international tours. Bonnie also choreographed pieces for the CCP resident dance company.

Among his choreographic works is “Maniera,” a solo inspired by the artwork of Giorgio Vasari. Bonnie’s choreographies have been included in Ballet Philippines’ shows such as “Hugot sa Rosas” and “Bagong Sayaw”. With Alice Reyes, National Artists for Dance, as his mentor for choreography, he created works such as his “Magdalena,” which was presented in the 2018 Young Choreographers Showcase.

His latest choreographic work was to the music arranged by Ryan Cayabyab, “Anong Gagawin Mo Ngayon Pasko”, for “Tuloy Ang Pasko!”, a 2020 Christmas dance film production of the Artists of the CCP Dance Workshop. Bonnie has a Diploma in Creative and Performing Musical Arts – Dance Major from the College of Music from the University of the Philippines Diliman. This 2021, he is part of the John Robert Powers School as a facilitator.

The reason I joined Sayaw PD is . . . . . .

My care and love for people’s need to improve their physical and mental health are what my heart dictates to do—ever since I started to dance and work in the arts field, my most profound reason for joining Sayaw PD is that my heart belongs to the PD participant/s.

I deeply understand my real purpose in our country and the world. And this is to share my gift of talent with the people who need my help and guidance. I truly believed that the art of dance is one of the best therapeutic exercises to help people with physical and mental health issues, as the PD participant/s.

Also, I trust the Sayaw PD founder, director, and certified Dance for PD Facilitator Novy Bereber because he did great things to help PD Participant/s. Like creating a community for them. With his artistic experience in dance, he has a unique approach where he offered a therapeutic class with the aesthetic and imaginative elements of dance. I’m sure he is a good facilitator for PD Participant/s. I love, and I want to support what he starts for Sayaw PD.

There will always be events in my life that are memorable. Yet, this is the day-to-day I help PD Participant/s. I believe the Sayaw PD will provide lights towards a better life for PD Participant/s.