Wil Laxa

Technical Director

A veteran of the Information Technology industry with over 20 years of digital media management and web development and a hobbyist dancer at heart dancing in Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre and Filipino Folk Dancing.

One of my significant achievements is to increase the profile of a restaurant and grow its followers from 600 to 33,000 likes in less than 10 months from the start of the Digital Marketing campaign.

I am in charge of the creation and management of the Sayaw PD brand, the development and maintenance of the Sayaw PD website and the assistance of conducting the Sayaw PD, Dance for Parkinson’s online Zoom classes as well as Facebook and YouTube Livestreams.

I have years of knowledge in dance and technology to organize and elevate Sayaw PD’s presence in all of Asia and especially the Philippines.

The reason I joined Sayaw PD is . . . . . .

I’m a person who loves dance and helping people dance. I’ve been assisting new dancers at my previous Filipino Folk Dance Company: Kababayang Pilipino of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I also love the idea of helping the Sayaw PD organization reach it’s goals of Parkinson’s Awareness and the benefits of Dance and Music to people with Parkinson’s.

I’ve started assisting Novy Bereber with an Online Zoom Livestream of Sayaw PD since the Lockdown of March 23, 2021, and it was history from there. The joy of seeing people move to the music and enjoy the class during the unprecedented times was a moral booster for me and never looked back.

I look forward to seeing the exciting future of Sayaw PD and its massive potential to spread awareness Parkinson’s and of the effects of dance for people with Parkinson’s.